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Henna Brows

Do you want to add a new brow treatment for your clients? This course is designed for experienced brow stylists, if your new to brows you can add our brow stylist course. Henna brows is one of the most popular treatments for brows in the UK. 

What you will learn


Anatomy and Physiology

Health and Safety

Contraindications/Contra action

Henna Brow Procedure 

Colour Theory

Different  Application/Blend Techniques 

1x Live Model



£388 Inc Kit (Dyotics Henna Kit)


1 day course manual sent out prior to study from home

Fully Accredited 



Pre Requisite: Brow Tinting and Shaping

our Brow stylist course covers this add for an extra £150

Certificate On Completion

Jessica is the UK Educator for Mrs. Highbrow and Dyotics 

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