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Pro Team-Kayleigh

Jessica created the pro team for her students who after training go on to master their skill and become beauty bosses!

I asked Kayleigh to give and insight to how she started in the Beauty industry.

I’m Kayleigh, the face behind Brows by Kay!

Im 28 yesterday, have two gorgeous children and a partner of 11 years. I currently work within the Aerospace Sector, spending 6 years in Sales before making the move to the dark side of Supply Chain, where I have spent just over 2 years. Sadly however, my factory is closing Dec 2021 and so at the end of 2020 my journey into brows began with Jessica Saysell as my incredible trainer!

I started my journey in to beauty in November 2020 and I do brows at any opportunity I can around my current job and family life. I wanted something flexible where I could earn money from for when I’m finally made redundant.

I’ve always had a passion for a good pair of brows, defo a brows over lashes type of girl! Aerospace to beauty, completely different right?!!

Since November I am now qualified in Lash lift and tint, Brow lamination, Brow sculpting and Henna brows. I have also trained in lashes, but with my young baby it’s not something I am pursuing currently.

My future plans are to add Nails, Body waxing and Possibly microblading?!

Who knows where I could be in a couple years, I may chose to pursue this path or take another but for now, I’m really enjoying it!

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