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Our Brow Stylist course doesn't include a kit as some students prefer to buy their own from the recommended list after completing the course. However, we have received a request to add the option for students to purchase a kit to take away on the day. This kit will need to be ordered at the same time you book your brow stylist course and will be ready for you to take away after the course.

Brow Stylist Kit

  • Bronsun Hybrid Tints x8



    Bronsun Eyebrow Care Bundle

    OKO Flawless Brow Brush Set

    Sienna X digital Double Wax Heater 

    Sienna X Gold Film Wax

    Sienna X Honey Gold Wax

    Brow Factor Mapping Thread  White

    White Brow Factor Pen

    Brow Factor Brow Revive

    Brow Factor Lock Me Up

    Mascara Wands

    Waxing Sticks

    Waxing Strips

    Brow Factor Tweezers x2

    Brow Factor Pro Spring Scissors


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