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Are you considering introducing a new brow treatment for your clients? This course is tailored for experienced brow stylists. If you are new to brow styling, you can explore our brow stylist course.


Brow Lamination offers a versatile treatment to enhance the appearance of thicker and fuller brows. You will be shown how to custom colour your clients brows using hybrid tints, style and set them in to place.


You will learn about the science of hair perming and master the art of brow lamination with essential tips and techniques. Additionally, the course includes topics such as hybrid tinting, colour theory, waxing, shaping, and many other valuable skills.

Training is provided either on a one-to-one basis or in a small group of two, ensuring that you receive my full attention throughout the course.


Clients' price for this treatment varies between £30 and £50.



Eyebrow Lamination

  • Now when booking a course with us you have the option to pay the full amount or just a deposit.

    To pay just the deposit, enter the code ‘DEPOSIT100’ in the promo code section at the checkout and press apply. This will bring the cost down to just £100. The remaining balance will be due on the day of the course. You can pay this in cash, card(Preferred), or bank transfer on the day(Preferred).

    Please read our academy information before booking.

    10:00-15:00 Free parking on site.

    A model will be provided for you to work on. 

    A kit is included which consists of your step 1, step 2 and step 3 trio which is required to perfom the treatment. 

    Pre requisite: Pre Requisite: Brow Tinting and Shaping or add our Brow stylist course for an extra £150(Contact us if you want to add this)


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